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A review of the Recipe Hall of Fame Quick and Easy Cookbook


If you like cooking but you just dont have enough time to prepare a tasty meal, then this great cookbook is for you! Packed with fast, flavorful recipes it is ideal for people on the Go. So, you dont have to spend all your time in the kitchen! It takes only fifteen minutes or less to have dinner in the oven. Why not try it today?

Reviewed by Liana Metal




Winning Recipes from Hometown America

By Gwen Mckee and Barbara Moseley

Quail Ridge Press, P.O. Box 123 ,Brandon, MS 39043, 1-800-343-1583, Local 601-825-2063, Fax 1800-864-1082,email, URL

Paperback, ISBN 1-893062-26-0, 2001, USA $ 19.95, 304 pp

Very Highly Recommended

Editors, Gwen Mckee and Barbara Moseley are eager to help a new generation of cooks feel comfortable in the kitchen , as well as preserve Americas food heritage.

Gwen, known as The Cookbook Lady, and her good friend Barbara who was raised on a dairy farm, love to cook and have families that love to eat. The two have been traveling the Country gathering the best cookbooks from each state for almost 20 years , thus creating a series of 35 books with 43 states represented and more cookbooks currently in production.

THE RECIPE HALL OF FAME QUICK AND EASY COOKBOOK shows people that food can be fast and simple and still be good. They dont have to stay in the kitchen for hours with long lists of ingredients for delicious, home-cooked meals or distinctive, impressive party food, Mckee said.

Quail Ridge Press the Recipe Hall of Fame Quick and Easy Cookbook , sold over 100,000 copies on QVC in advance of publication and features over 500 recipes from hometown America that any cook can prepare in a snap. The company has published over 100 books, with only a handful currently out of print, and it has come a long way from the Mckees dining room table.

We started out as a very small company that published primarily cookbooks, then a few regional titles, said Gwen , but now we are branching out everywhere.

THE RECIPE HALL OF FAME QUICK AND EASY COOKBOOK is the third edition in the best-selling Recipe Hall of Fame Cookbook Collection, containing over 500 recipes carefully selected from a database of over 12,000 recipes in the acclaimed Quail Ridge Press BEST OF THE BEST STATE COOKBOOK series. This innovative cookbook is designed to deliver reliable, flavorful family favorites in short order, thus it is ideal for everyday meals as well as special occasions.

The book is divided into fourteen sections, covering all cooking needs. The Preface is brief but quite informative , enhanced by the editors comments and their own pictures taken during their long traveling food research adventures around USA.

In our years of research, we have traveled throughout America learning about its people and what they most enjoy cooking and eating, the editors say. We invite you to travel around the country with us, by way of the chapter opening photographs, to some of the places we have visited.

We hope the Recipe Hall of Fame Quick and Easy Cookbook will help you solve that dilemma of modern day life, How can I get delicious food on the table in the least amount of time?

Beverages and Appetizers come first. Who can resist the mouthwatering Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball recipe or the simple , yet, tasty Vegetable Pizza?

In Bread and Breakfast that follows, Peach Coffee Cake and Cottage Pancakes will keep you deliciously satisfied, while, in the Soups section, Chicken Tortilla Soup will surprise you.

Salads offer low-fat variety and color: Rice Salad is filling, while Orange Delight Quick Salad if cool and light.

The Vegetables sections Laredo Potato recipe is a low-fat, energizing choice , while Parmesan Fries and Party Potatoes are just irresistible! Pasta ,Rice , Etc deals with versatile and filling meals full of flavor, while Poultry will satisfy the most demanding chicken eater. Every single recipe is sensational!

Seafood comes next, and is a pleasant alternative to meat eating. It is difficult to choose among the Hot Shrimp meal Ellys Shrimp Spaghetti, and the Lemon-garlic Broiled Shrimp you just have to taste all of them.

The Meats chapter ranges from beef to ham and pork chops, all deliciously prepared and fully flavored. In the Cakes section do not miss the Apricot Rum Cake or the Fruit Cocktail Cake for a more fruity taste. The Ice cream Cake is a cool surprise and if you love chocolate, try the Cherry Chocolate Cake. If you love cookies, then the Cookies and Candies section is for you. Brown Edge Cookies, Cornflake Cookies, No Bake Cookies, Lemon Squares are only a few of the impressive lot in the book.

Learn how to make your own candies , such as the Easy Candy and the Microwave Pralines.

Pies and other Desserts offer the reader a variety of pies that are all worth trying. Buttermilk Pie and Mini apple Pies are deliciously surprising while, Pineapple Pudding and Baked Bananas are a must!

The books ends with a List of Contributors, an Extra Help section and an Index.

THE RECIPE HALL OF FAME QUICK AND EASY COOKBOOK is a highly informative and entertaining cookbook that has short and concise instructions, clearly written and easy to be followed by any age group cooks. Packed with family-friendly recipes for todays busy lifestyle, it also includes time-saving tips for delicious meals in less time. It caters for everyone, experienced or inexperienced cooks- everyone needs quick and easy recipes.

It is originally illustrated and offers the readers tidbits of information about the food and people of America , thus, this book is great for those who read cookbooks like novels. Moreover, this cookbook is applicable outside of the USA and this fact makes it an international bestseller. It is worth reading every single recipe of it!

RECIPE HALL OF FAME QUICK AND EASY COOKBOOK is available at book stores, gift shops, online at

Or by calling 1-800-343-1583. For more information contact Jimmie Saucier at

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