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Liana Metal
Hunting for Mr. Good Bargain
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A Review of Hunting for Mr. Good Bargain by Marlene Moore


A fun guide for those who hate shopping as well as everyone else who need some guidance in order to spot the right bargain. If shopping puzzles you, then this is the right book for you to read. It tells you all about possible markets including the internet ones.

Reviewed by Liana Metal


By Marlene Moore, Marlene-Marie Moore,, Inc.2002, U.S.A.

Paperback, ISBN 1-59113-151-0, 129 pp

Highly Recommended

Marlene Moore is a successful freelance writer residing in the Pacific Northwest. Her articles have appeared in magazines and newspapers, including Ideals Publications, Senior Lifestyles, Get-Up-And Go , Senior News, Our Town, Senior Outlook and Lifestyles Northwest.

HUNTING FOR MR. GOOD BARGAIN is a lighthearted fun guide that will keep the readers entertained , regardless their shopping intentions. Marlenes humor describing her hilarious experiences during shopping sprees makes this little book an original How-to type of potential market guide.

The book consists of twenty one mini chapters. At the Introduction , Marlene adds her e-mail address for feedback. The first chapter deals with the SALES issue. The writer describes her personal experiences in finding bargains at sales, and offers information and advice on how to do your best :

Im proud of myself for finding what I want at a reduced price , especially when I learned that the stores usually mark up each item by 100% to 300% and sometimes more, Marlene says.

Chapter two is about THONGS , and Marlenes hilarious account on trying to become adventurous. The third chapter deals with APARTMENT FINDS. Here the readers will encounter all the pros and cons of a prospective new place , and will learn a lot through Marlenes own experience:

Two other places around an apartment building to look is the basement, if there is one, where tenants put things they no longer want , and the dumpster.

ELVIS is next, and the issue of music. Learn how to buy via TV ads and not be cheated! ESTATE Sales and AUCTIONS come then, offering information and advice on how to enjoy and benefit from those old items markets:

Old pictures do sell. There are people out there who collect them and will treasure them even though they do not know the people in the pictures.

Old clothes are also an asset that the professional auctioneer or estate seller would never overlook.

Then comes THE PERFECT GIFT chapter, where the writer analyses the process of finding the right gift for various persons , such as friends, the elderly, relatives and others:

I listen: What a person says and talks about is valuable information. Do they have a hobby? Do they talk about it a lot? What stores do they shop in?...

Gifts for a couple: If you have a couple in your life that likes the same things, then your shopping is a lot easier. Take cooking for example....

The next chapter, WEARABLE PAJAMAS, includes an interesting story that many of the readers may have experienced themselves!

By the time I had arrived home that evening , I had received approximately a dozen compliments on my outfit. I was ecstatic! No one suspected I was wearing pajamas! I had fooled them all.

PEDDLERS is the following section , where Marlene lets us know about a personal story in her childhood , pinpointing that those vendors are no longer realistic.

We still have traveling salesmen today, but their reputations are much better and their mode of travel greatly improved. Few of them come to the homes anymore, they call on business instead.

The OPEN AIR SHOPPING section analyses all kinds of open air markets and offers the reader advice on them:

The flea markets of today often have one-of-a-kind-buys, and you can haggle with the vendor about the price. But do not underestimate the vendors. They are not naive.

The next chapter is about SHOES and is packed with useful hints on how to get the right pair:

What you spend on a shoe depends on a couple of things. What the shoe is for and the kind of foot problems you have, if any.

COUPONS AND CARD MEMBERS deals with the discount the readers may have . Is it worth collecting coupons and cards? The answers are in this section. If the readers are interested in RESALE SHOPS AND SHOP AT HOME then , this is the right chapter to read.

Home shopping and the Internet are catching on fast. People who do not have time to go to the stores and shop are able to do it from the comfort of their homes or at the office during lunch.

THE PROCESSOR which comes next is a story about the writers own experience with such a device, and the outcome of her purchase. The OVERLOOKED TREASURES chapter is about the special markets that the readers may overlook:

The unusual places often house the most unique items. Allow yourself the time to look for the kind of stores that you feel comfortable in.

The MAIL ORDER section tells readers all about this interesting issue, offering hints on what to avoid, while NEW TENNIES is a disaster personal story. BARTERING/TRADING follows, motivating the readers to try it by displaying Internet information.

PUBLICATIONS , BRASSIERE and SECONDS are the next markets , where Marlene analyses all their pros and cons . A story follows, LONG SKIRTS, and HELPFUL ACCESSORIES. The book ends with THE CARING PART section that tells the readers about the advantages of shopping, and the SHOPPING TIPS.

Shopping can also be therapeutic in more ways than one. When I take the time to shop for someone I do not particularly like, it gives me a chance to know that person better just by remembering his likes and dislikes.

HUNTING FOR MR. GOOD BARGAIN is a useful, informative , creative guide that will satisfy all shoppers who are eager to find real bargains. However, this guide is inapplicable outside of the U.S.A. . Still, it is fun to read whether readers like shopping or not as it is packed with entertaining personal anecdotes.

This book can be purchased at, category :self-help. Also available at and

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