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Liana Metal
Silver Squirrel
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A novel for kids of all ages.



Daniel Ritchie


1st Books Library, USA,



ISBN 1-4107-8945-4


Fantasy adventure



SILVER SQUIRREL is a fantasy adventure set in a forest.  It is about a squirrel colony who face danger and other survival problems through hope and faith .


Silver Squirrel, the hero of the story, is a young , vulnerable male squirrel who is sensitive and friendly to all forest animals despite their differences.  He has got an odd relationship with other species and his close friendship with a crow makes him special , yet very different from the other squirrels in his community.  He is fond of Sandy , a female squirrel but he is shy and does not know how to show  his affection to her.


Sandy Brown, a young female squirrel , grows up with Silver in the same family.  She is lovable and caring and soon falls in love with Silver who is too reserved to show his feelings.  Beverly, her mom , soon moves home to raise her newly born litter, but Sandy relies on Silver to protect her as he is her best friend.


The story starts with a prologue, where old Jacob, the oldest squirrel in the community, writes his reports about their colony.  Silver is a lonely young squirrel whose parents have been killed by the Hawk, the worst enemy of the animals, and grows up in a surrogate family in the forest.  Sandy , a female squirrel, is his regular playmate, but he always feels as if he does not belong to the squirrel community.  One day the colony decide to migrate to another place , and it is then that Silvers adventure starts.  He has to set priorities and make decisions.  As the story unfolds Silver changes, he becomes stronger and gains self confidence.


What will happen to him?  Will he ever become someone the others can trust?  Will Sandy become his mate?  Will he overcome his fear for the Hawk? 


SILVER SQUIRREL  is a fantasy adventure that has got all the elements of a great movie:  action, suspense, morale and colorful scenes.  Hope and friendship . love and compassion can be found throughout the plot.  It is a unique story in its kind . The author has studied the forest animals and has displayed their action and emotions in an original , yet truthful, way.  The readers can identify with the hero , feel his plight and share his beliefs. 


This book is  a captivating novel that will transfer the readers to a fantasy world through the poetic use of adjectives and the detailed description of the forest and the animals.  The characters , though animals, they own human emotions and beliefs and strive to solve their survival problems in the woods.  Written in a sensitive , emotional way, this story carries the readers imagination further, to human colonies and lifestyle.  It could be read by children and adults at the same time, so the readership for this novel is not limited to a certain age group.  Also it could be a great movie as is has got a lot of action and suspense.  The author has beautiful pictures to add to the story , and the readers can view them at his site at ,

 and at


This novel is a book for the whole family, so why not get it today?  Its worth reading it!



Reviewed by Liana Metal


January 2004



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