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The Hostel
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New e book!

The Hostel has been temporarily removed from Lulu as it is being revised.

It will also be published in Greek.

More news in due time.

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The Hostel

Welcome to The Hostel!

On this website, you will get a taste of  this e book and meet the characters of the story.

The Plot 

Set in the 70s in London, UK, The Hostel is a story about a young girl, Nina , who is  staying at a nuns’ hostel while studying.


However, her student life changes dramatically when she meets Phil, her best friend’s dad.  Is he the man of her dreams?  Will he be able to change her life for good?  This is a serious dilemma many teenage girls face when they fall in love with a much older man.


*The characters of the story:
Main characters
Nina , a Greek girl
Phil, an English man
Secondary characters
    Maria, daughter of Phil                   
    Isabel, from Spain
    Zara, from India
    Collette and Marie, from France
   and a lot of other girls from Ireland, Iran and 
  other countries.
The nuns of the hostel play their part too, especially sister Pia who is the closest to the girls.

Sister Pia
The Hostel

Here is the cover of the e book:

The Hostel
a novel for all ages

Review copies available !
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Liana Metal

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