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Liana Metal
Story Time, new book for kids!

Three stories for kids and for everyone who is a kid at heart!

In full color.

Now online at LULU

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My work has appeared in the following publications:

(The following is only a small sample)

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Book Titles  , Publications , Date

Turtles August 2002

The Essential Vegetarian Cookbook August 2002

Making Peace with the Things in your Life August 2002

Telmenu Saimnieks August 2002

Captain Corelli's Mandolin www.compulsivereader July 2002

How to Write for Children July 2002

Ancient Wisdom, Modern World Jul-02

The Optimum Nutrition Bible Jul-02



Careers/lifestyle articles

Around the World on a Cruise Ship July 2002

Painting your Way Forward

All I Want is the Sea


Travel articles

Pantokrator  May 2002

The Monster of the Monastery

Four ways to free/low cost travel



The White Snail  August 2002


E books





in Greece





Summer Love              
My latest script (Romance) has been released online.
 "Lose yourself in beautifully illustrated graphic novellas
filled with romance, passion, suspense, and adventure."

View the story here:

Then Along Came an Angel is a new anthology compiled by Julie Bonn Heath.
One of my true stories is included.
My true story , The Third Miracle , has recently appeared in an anthology by Marc Girloy publications, titled:
God's Way for Couples.
It can be found at
White Stone Books

New books at LULU

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

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oil on canvas

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