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freelancing interests
Liana Metal

Looking for that European flavor? Or simply in need of an original article?

I am a freelance journalist based in Europe. Whenever you need a travel feature from a European destination; a lifestyle piece; a healthy cooking article; or something completely different, I am here to help you.

I am professional, quick and original.

I am also a teacher, reviewer and artist , and have published several articles in local journals as well as book reviews and articles on the net. I have self published children's fiction and non-fiction for my students, and I am currently writing articles for various sites as well as creating a non fiction book relating to EFL teaching.  My latest challenge: ebooks!

Visit my e books site at

and have a look at my recent work and forthcoming projects.



Some of my work can be viewed at:



woman's realm-print magazine, cooking article



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Travel guides

My latest work includes:

Travel Guides
Greece Travel




Travel articles

Venere Blog

Eco traveling in Corfu

Local Gastronomy: Corfiot Pastitsada


Book reviews
Latest issue

Midwest Book Review

My latest books are here Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

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forthcoming projects

oil on canvas

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