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Dawn Colclasure writes about the working parents.  Her latest book, Burning the Midnight Oil: How we survive as writing Parents , is released.



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Mike Palecek


Palecek is an Iowa author, former federal prisoner for peace; former

Catholic seminarian; former Iowa/MN/Nebr. newspaper reporter; was the

Iowa Democratic Party nominee for the U.S. House, 5th District, 2000


Palecek lives in Sheldon, Iowa with Ruth, Sam and Emily.

His books can be found at



Ben Prager


Title of Book: Invisible Promise

Author: Benjamin Prager

ISBN: 1-4107-7885-1

Genre: Fiction

Price: $12.50 (direct from publisher) / $14.50 (retail)




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Paula Hrbacek



Bachelor of Arts Degree, 1977, University of Missouri-Columbia

Bachelor of Journalsim, magazine features, 1977, University of Missouri Columbia

Work History

1977 to 1982 Copy Writer, Copy Editor and Graphic Artist, Christian Board of Publication.

Job responsibilities included advertising, magazines, church curriculum, sales rep, paste-up, book cover design, editing, proof reading.

1982- present Freelance writer

Author of four books and a variety of magazine articles.


St. Louis Is for Families, Bethany Press, a tourist guide with family fun.

Created in Faith, Concordia, crafts based on Christian symbols.

Bible Verses for Young Children, CBP, a coloring book

Stars Shine After Dark, IUniverse, general fiction novel.




                    Beverly Houseman



Beverly is a retired RN, author of RUSTY AND ME, A MOTHERS STORY, contributor to CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE NURSES SOUL, Kendall Bells book, FROM THE HEART; Stories of Love and Friendship, and FAMILY DOCOTR; the magazine the makes house calls.

She is a counselor, Childbirth Educator, PR Manager, Adoptive advocate and Education Coordinator at the Osceola Crisis Pregnancy Center in Kissimmee, Fl.

She is a dramatist performing in two one-act plays she has written. THE MUSINGS OF MARY is performed at Christmas and Easter. It is the story of Mary, the mother of Jesus many years after the transfiguration.

BETSY ROSS, the creator of the colony flag with thirteen stars.



Jennifer , a young poet !


My name is Jennifer Ehidiamen, i'm 19 years and from
the southwest part of Nigeria, I love reading,poetry
and i enjoy indulging in everything that ressolves
around creativity.  I love meeting people and my
favorite color is Blue which stands for LOVE.  I believe
in God and i appreciate his wonderful creation through
writing/poetry.  My dream is to become a recognised
international Author and broadcaster who will inspire
and motivate other young people positively.


Read one of Jennifer's poems now!








Honorable Bandit: A Walk Across Corsica

Brian Bouldrey traveled to the island of Corsica, with its wine-dark Mediterranean waters, powdered-sugar beach sand, sumptuous cuisine, and fine wine. And then he walked away from all of them.

Read the book by following the link above.

Susan J.Letham is a British writer , multimedia author , and Creative Writing Lecturer who currently lives in Berlin , Germany and teaches online.  Susan is the creator and owner of Inspired2write.  Visit Inspired2write or writing articles ,prompts and classes:
Jos van Doorn is an AutoCAD specialist and AutoLISP programmer. Also publisher of the
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Grace Clark writes travel articles.  Read her article about Greece.
by Javier Gonzalez Bernardo
A designs and poetry book that can enchant everyone!
Javier is a poetry writer, illustrator and designer, editor and publisher of the book.
 and explore your imagination and creativity.  You can create screenplays online,interpret designs and a lot more.
Other sites of Javi:
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TITLE:      A Writer Must Write

By Cheryl Wright

It is so difficult to sit at the computer and write. Some nights, the most awesome feeling of exhaustion overwhelms me.  My bed calls; a Harrison Ford movie beckons; a newly purchased book summons. Do I listen? Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. I know that regardless how tired and uninspired I feel, I should be faithful to my writing schedule to be successful.

I drag myself to my computer, face the blank screen for a while, and begin dabbling with some writing prompts. The scales of tiredness slowly fall from my eyes; my mind awakens and is rearing to go. Ideas begin to flow and words begin to appear on the screen via my fingertips. Suddenly I can't type fast enough to keep up with the speed at which my brain is working. Before I know it, a have an article ready to be edited and submitted. That's how it is sometimes.

Then again, there are the dry times. The infamous and dreaded writers block manifests itself: no thoughts, no ideas, and no words. Not even writing prompts seem to help. At those times I feel justified to have a cup of coffee and page through a magazine or watch a movie. When I return to my computer an hour or so later, my mind tends to be in a different mode and I, the writer, begin to write.

Sometimes I ignore my writing routine and succumb to the temptation to watch television instead. Of course, I sit there with a weight of guilt on my shoulders. When I feel guilty for not writing when I know that I should, I am convinced that I truly am a writer.

Like all writers, I often allow doubt and fear to pervade my thoughts and deprive me of the satisfaction of doing what brings me great joy.  I allow them to rob me of the drive to just write. I know that it is psychologically destructive to be paralyzed by doubts and fears. But I subject myself to the paralysis until I make a conscious effort to confront them, deal with them and WRITE.

I find though, that the more committed I remain to my scheduled writing time, the less I procrastinate. The more disciplined I am about writing every day the less I experience writers block.

Yes, I am a writer, and I must write. Go ye therefore, writer and write.

Cheryl Wright is an Interior Designer and Freelance Writer.  She has been writing  decorating articles for a local monthly magazine for the past three years.  Only recently has she begun to explore other topics.  Read more of her articles at


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