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Living on a ship is fabulous! says 24-year-old Louise. I would never have seen so many exotic places if I hadn't been on the ship, probably not in my whole lifetime!

Here's what Louise says about her job...

Q So, Louise, what's your job, and what exactly does it involve?

A I'm a crew purser...that means that I'm responsible for a lot of paperwork concerning crew and passengers. I've got my own office but I sometimes work at the reception desk, so I've got the chance to meet a lot of people and make new friends.

Q How did you find this job?

A Through a job agency , in London. It would be my first job after graduating , and I was actually looking for a hotel based job...but it all happened by accident...

Q What do you mean?

A One day the agent left me a message about a new interview...I thought it would be about a hotel job, as the previous ones, so I met the person in charge on the same afternoon. It was during the interview that I realized we were talking about a ship! But I had to make up my mind promptly , so I grabbed the chance to try something more challenging than a hotel job. As soon as I left the interview the agent called me and said that I'd got the job!

Q What qualifications do you need to get this position?

A Well, it depends... . You could have a degree in Languages and Tourism or something relevant to it. I've got an MA in Tourism Management and I speak five languages, but there is a variety of posts on board according to the qualifications one has got.

Q How long was your first contract?

A Three months. But you can renew it for a longer period if you wish to. At first I wasn't sure if I could handle sea-sickness, but it was ok; I only felt a little dizzy , but my roommate got really sick! Now I can't sleep if I don't feel that rocking movement!

Q What about the crew? Are there many female members on board?

A The majority of the crew are men. There are only few female officers in high ranks. So, we are being taken good care of and I like that. I've recently been promoted to a higher rank, so I do enjoy being the boss of a couple of male officers!

Q What do you particularly enjoy on board?

A Everything! I meet a lot of new people, apart from the crew members, and we are all a big family. I love the feeling of being in a place that reminds me of my student days. It's like being in the university Residence Hall , you're never alone , and I like that.

Q What about the drawbacks of this job?

A Well, there's hard work on board! It's not all fun and games as many people tend to think. You are expected to work on a very tight schedule, from 6.00 am till late at night. It's shift work actually. Sometimes you don't have much free time to relax , and some of the passengers can get real annoying! But you must wear your prettiest smile and be polite and helpful all the time. You must be patient, friendly and available . It's very important the passengers feel at home.

Q Do you meet any young people on board?

A To tell you the truth, only some of the crew members are young. Their age ranges from 24-that's me- to 40 something. The passengers are mostly middle-aged retired people.

Q How do you spend your free time on board?

A I usually go to the gym. There's a fab gym on board, you know. There are also two pools but crew members are not allowed to swim in there, so I just lie on a sunbed to get a bit of a tan. Sometimes I get up early in the morning and I go jogging around the deck. Many a times , after the evening shift some of the crew get together and chat, sing or dance. We're having a great time; sometimes you've got the feeling the party is non stop.

Q Which are the best places you've visited?

A Honolulu...I loved Hawai , it looked so full of life, high buildings on the beach, marvellous view, lots of shops and lots of people. Second best comes Tayland, I just loved it! There were also other nice places such as Melbourne in Australia. I would love to stay there for a while. Small islands such as Bora Bora and Christmas island in the Pacific were fantastic. I sometimes have the chance to swim in the blue green sea of remote islands and take a lot of pictures.

Q Were your family happy with your decision?

A No, not at all! They all disapproved of my decision. But I was firm so, I went on board.

Q How do you feel about this job?

A Great! I mean I'm getting paid to see all the exotic places in the world. Isn't it fantastic? I would need a fortune to travel around the world, but now I can do it and keep my savings as well!

Q Are you going to be on board next year?

A Don't know yet. If I find something more challenging that this , I'll leave. One thing I know for sure! I won't work in an office. I'll just find it too boring after my present experience on board!

Q What's your advice to other young girls who wish to work on board?

A If they are adventurous and hard working, then they can go ahead!

It's great experience to work on a ship, and a good opportunity to get useful connections they might need later on, when they decide to work on land.

Q Thank you, Louise, and good luck!

A You're welcome!



Liana Metal


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