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Liana Metal

Here you will find the synopses and samples of my work that is available.


For Kids and everyone else...
Bedtime Stories
Six stories to read and have fun.  Stories that pinpoint the simple things in life we usually take for granted ,and the facts we sometimes don't want to face.
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The Beach Team and the Mermaid's Cave


Five children, who spend their summer holidays on a beach of a Greek island, make up the Beach Team and start exploring the area. Their first assignment is the mermaid's cave, whose strange story excites their interest. Their dream to find a treasure soon comes true as they accidentally find out a strange shell in a cave that leads them to more clues and more mystery.

Consequently the children find out a real treasure, some ancient clay pots and coins hidden in the cave, which leads them to a gang of smugglers who intend to sell the rare antiquities.

Finally the Beach Team kids, with the help of an adult and the police, manage to save the pots and coins and get the criminals caught, and have a happy-end party at the small beach hotel they stay at.






For the TV

A screenplay


Title: THE GYM


Cleo,who works in a gym as a secretary,has a relationship with Greg, who is against marriage and children. When Cleo discovers that she expects a baby,she keeps it secret. Meawhile, Jenny, a teenager and step daughterof Eva, the gym owner, has an abortion in secret while , Dan ,her boyfriend is in hospital seriously injured . Then Sarah arrives and Greg putsher up. When Greg learns about Cleos pregnancy abandons her and lives with Sarah who is involved in drug dealing. Finally Greg is reconciled with Sarah, Jenny with her parents and theres a happy end.





Another Screenplay

Title: Tight Bonds



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