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7 Useful Free Services For E-publishers

By Dejan Bizinger, SKYLIST, Inc.

If you want to have an online business, without doubt, you
should have your own newsletter. Why is that important? Most
people won't buy your product on their first visit to your
web site. They need your advice to buy exactly your
product because "it is the best, the cheapest" etc.
You can tell them when you will make an update, to visit your
site again, and so you get repeat visits. You should provide
some useful content in your newsletter to make them stay as
your subscribers.

When you decide to have a newsletter, you should promote it, so
that you will have more people on your list. It is easy to build
a big list very fast, if you pay for that. However, many people
don't have much money to spend for their list promotion so they
mostly must use free services. This brings up a good question?
Which services are useful for e-publishing and are also free?
Here, I will write 7 services that I use and which have showed
good results.

1. Swap ads

Swapping ads can be very useful. You have to find newsletters
that have quality content and a contact to the owner. When you
make a contact you have to write why you are interested in
swapping ads with that newsletter. You have to tell about the
benefits of swapping with you.

Swap Resources

2. Article submit

It is very useful for list promotion to submit your articles to
other publishers that are looking for some content. You should
put a resource box at the end of your article where you will
write who are you; you can also put your web site and list
address... It is more likely that they will subscribe to your
newsletter if they liked your article rather than reading your
ad. You have to find those publishers who will be interested in
your articles.

Idea Marketers
Write Business

3. List submit

There are services where you can submit a description of your
list or announce when you are going to publish it. These
services can be useful because, they provide quality lists.
Therefore, people can decide to subscribe to your list.

List A Day

4. Participate in discussion lists

You can subscribe to discussion lists of your interest. When you
post your answer you can include your resource box. If people
find your answers useful it is more likely that they will
subscribe to your newsletter.

Adventive -

5. Pick a domain name

If you want to have a professional newsletter you should
consider registering a domain name. Today it is not very easy to
find a good domain name, especially a dot com name. However,
there is a free service where you can get a list of domain names
that are free because of non-payment. Also, you have to check if
a certain name is available.

Better Whois -

6. Scripts

Scripts can be useful for promotion. For example you can use a
script for recommendating, for form mail...

Useful services

Let 'Em Know
Java Scripts

7. Search engines

There are many different opinions as to how useful are search
engines. Having a good placement in a search engine for relevant
words can be very useful for your list promotion. I must say
that it is not worth submitting to every search engine. There
are a few that are the most popular.


These 7 services can get you subscribers for your newsletter.
Don't expect that you will immediately have several thousand
subscribers using free services because it doesn't work that
way. Don't believe in everything that you read on the Net,
because you can be disappointed. E-publishing can be very useful
for you and for your business if you use it in the right way,
because, it establishes you as an expert in your field of

Dejan Bizinger works for SKYLIST, Inc. SKYLIST is a
permission-based email delivery and list management services
company. SKYLIST solutions assist businesses to
seamlessly deliver, track, and report the results of email
communications. For more information visit:


Make Your Web Site User-Friendly

By Dejan Bizinger, SKYLIST, Inc.

Making a web site is easy. Making a good web site is not so
easy. There are many things you have to consider if you want to
make a good and successful web site.

Everyone who knows at least something about marketing knows that
you have to fit your product so that suit customers need. Don't
expect that customers will accommodate to your web site. If, from
some reason, they get an impression that your site is confusing
and that you didn't tried hard to make their visit as easy as
possible. As you know, there are many web sites, so why do you
think that anyone will bother to stay at your site if it is not
enough good.

So, how can you make your web site user-friendly? I will try to
explain you now.


In order that your visitor see your web site it must be loaded
pretty fast. I could never understand someone who's web sites
is loading several minutes. Do these people think that people
will really wait for their masterpiece? You bet that they won't.
Your page shouldn't be bigger than 30K. When you design your
web site you should first put one table above you web site
content where you will put a sponsorship banners. This is because
that your advertisers can get good visibility. Also, your logo
and company name should load very fast. One of the main
marketing principles is that people have to remember your name,
logo and your message. You probably have many competitors. Your
brand-name have to be remembered. Otherwise, it is most likely
that they will forget you and never come back again.

You can test your web site loading page at:


OK, let's suppose that your page have a decent loading time and
that visitor decided to give it a try to your web site and your
product. So, you better that they find complementar colors on
your web site. I guess that after they have come to your site
you don't want that they leave with eye-sight problems. You
should know some basic knowledge about how certain color fits
to some other. Colors on your site can also depend about the
your web site's type. It means that if you want to have some
kid site your site can be very colorful with some animated
images. Business sites, in most cases don't have to be to

You can find useful info about designing your web site at:


If someone would asked you what is the single most important
thing on web site, I hope that you would say that is
information. You won't have many benefits if you hired someone
who is expert in programs like Dreamweaver, who will make fancy
animations in Flash, who will make extraordinary images in
Photoshop and Corel Draw if people on your site can't find
something because they come in the first place. That is
information. Unless your site should be some kind of reference
for company who wants to hire a web designer and you want to
show them what you can, people in most cases are not much
interested in design. Take Google, for example. Its design
could make anyone with a basic web design design knowledge.
Google is the best search engine not because some fancy images.
It is the best because of the information he provides. Remember
that when you design your web site. Beside information about
your product, people should be able to find a contact
information on the first page. Also, it is not useful to have
many info on your web site if people can't easily to find. You
should try that all info on your web site be accessible with
3 or less clicks.


It is very useful that you put some automatization on your web
site. Why is that important? Well, if you expect that your
visitors do something for you, first you have to do something
for them. What I mean is that you have to help them to make some
actions. I will tell you several examples where automatization
can be used.

Let's say your site have a lot of visitors. It won't be very wise
solution that everyone who would like to ask you something
contact you via email. It is not very convenient because you
would get a lot of emails that takes up considerable time to
answer. Good solution when you want to offer your visitors a
choice to contact you about several topics to contact you via
form mail. Then you ask for necessary info they have to provide.
This is good because you won't get emails that are too broad nor
to narrow. There are other use of form mails. For example for
subscribing to newsletters, to order products, to send your
listing etc..

Another good choice for using web site automatization are
multiple subscription check-boxes. In case you don't know, this
enables that your visitors can subscribe to several newsletters
at once, which means by entering their email address only once.
It is very important to have this script if you have several
newsletters. Don't expect that many people will bother to
subscribe to several newsletters if you don't make them easier
to do it.

You can see an example at:

People often ask their visitors to recommend their site.
Recommending a site can be done very effectively if you use
a recommendation script. There people can enter email addresses
of their friends and they will receive an invitation from hi or
she to visit that web site. There are many scripts for this

You can find useful scripts for your site at:

There are companies which offer this service:

You have just read some tips for making your site user-friendly.
Of course, there are many more to do. When you design your web
site you have to put yourself in your visitor's shoes and ask
yourself how would like that a certain site look like. I want
you to make great friendships!

Dejan Bizinger works for SKYLIST, Inc. SKYLIST is a
permission-based email delivery and list management services
company. SKYLIST solutions assist businesses to
seamlessly deliver, track, and report the results of email
communications. For more information visit:


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