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The optimum nutrition bible
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By Patrick Holford

Piatkus, Judy Piatkus (Publishers)Ltd, 5 Windmill Street,

London W1P 1HF 1998, Paperback, ISBN 0-7499-1855-1

UK 10.99 , 342 pp, Very Highly Recommended


Patrick Holford, founder of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London, has been working for more than twenty years in this field and has published many books as well as a pioneering 74-paged journal.


THE OPTIMUM NUTRITION BIBLE is an invaluable and easy-to-follow reference guide that everyone should have if they care about their health. Patrick Holford writes:  'The purpose of this book is to show you how to achieve vibrant health and resistance to disease through optimum nutrition... in AD 390 Hippocrates said, "let food be your medicine and medicine be your food".

In 1960 , twice Nobel prize winner Dr Linus Pauling, coined the phrase  '"orthomolecular nutrition".  By giving the body the right (ortho) molecules, he asserted, most disease would be eradicated. 'Optimum nutrition,' he said, 'is the medicine of tomorrow. '


The book consists of nine parts ,each of which deals with a different field in optimum nutrition. Part one explains the principles of optimum nutrition while part two defines the perfect diet . Patrick Holford says: 'Eat lots of fresh fruit. Take a good antioxidant supplement daily. Don't over-exercise...'.

Parts three, four and five prove the benefits of optimum nutrition, and part six shows you how to put optimum nutrition into practice and design your own supplement program . Part seven is an A to Z guide to specific health problems and how to heal them. The author writes:

'ARTHRITIS: Antioxidant nutrients , essential fats and vitamins B5 reduce inflammation....Diet advice and supplements...'. BREAST CANCER, DEPRESSION and a number of other diseases are mentioned in this section. Part eight is a guide to nutrients : B12 What it does, Deficiency signs ,How much, Best food source, and Best supplement.

At the end of the book there is a section on Recommended Reading, References, Useful addresses (such as : Arica Institute-N.York, British Society of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine ) ,and a Directory of Supplement Companies : Health Plus, Higher Nature, Solgar and other.

On the last page of his book Patrick Holford displays I.O.N. (The Institute for Optimum Nutrition) which runs several courses- such as a home study one -workshops, offers consultations and a membership.

'Twenty years have passed since I discovered optimum nutrition, ' says the author. I am now completely convinced that the concept of optimum nutrition is the greatest step forward in medicine this century and, if applied from an early age, is a guarantee for a long and healthy life.'

To sum up, this book shows you precisely how to boost your immune system , to increase your energy and fitness levels, to prevent cancer and heart disease, to increase your IQ, memory and mental performance.


Packed with excellent advice and unique questionnaires, THE OPTIMUM NUTRITION BIBLE helps you discover which nutrients you need to supplement and how to create your own personal supplement program in order to reach your maximum potential for health, vitality and longevity. It is undoubtedly a highly informative, brilliant guide that caters for everyone who wishes to stay healthy and live long.


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Fax: 020-8877 9980


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Reviewed by Liana Metal , 2002




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