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Liana Metal
All I want is the sea!
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By Liana Metal


What do girls usually want?

A family, a good job, some adventure, a degree...the list can go on and on. Some of them can even combine two or three of their choices. For Eloise, though, the answer is only one: the sea!

Here is what Eloise says about it.

"I grew up in a small family of four, on an island in West Europe. Since when I remember myself I loved playing with the sea , and swimming had always been my top leisure activity. I loved scuba diving ! The bottom of the sea held secrets and mysteries that attracted me like a magnet. I wouldn't live far from the sea, no matter how good a job I could find on land.

Leaving school I continued my studies in a UK College , and after graduating in Modern Languages I followed an MA in Tourism . But still I wasn't satisfied ,as all the prospective jobs would be in schools or offices. It was when I had actually made up my mind to accept a hotel job that I came across with a different interview. I got the job promptly.

I am a member of the crew of a world travel cruise ship. I still can't believe my good luck! Now I can combine my qualifications with my love for the sea. When I'm on board I feel like I'm at home. Of course , for my family it is a little hard as I can't contact them very often, but they have now realized that this is a way I can feel happy so they are happy for me, too.

Working on board is great! We all belong to a big family, crew and passengers. I work at the reception desk and I am responsible for a lot of paper work. Here I have the chance to visit exotic islands such as Seychelles and Bora Bora , sunbathe at white sand bays and swim in the blue green water of the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans. Still, I can earn my salary and have a great social life on board.

Who wouldn't love this job?


The end

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