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GOD Exists
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A review of God Exists : an Engineer Explains Why

By Peter Soszek


Do you believe that there is a God? The answer to this question is not a simple one for many people. Others dont even care to think about this, while some people try to find out a satisfying reply to that . Peter Soszek is one of those people who believe in God and wants to help others understand some concepts related to the existence of God. If this question pesters you, read this e book and satisfy your inner need for an answer. You may agree with Peter, or you may not, still , by the end of the book you will have made up your mind and will probably have formed your own perspective on this matter.

Reviewed by Liana Metal

GOD EXISTS: an Engineer Explains Why

By Peter Soszek, 2002 , e book, 156 pp, Very Highly Recommended.

Peter Soszek, an engineer , had decided that he would write an e book about God. Although he does not consider himself a writer, yet, after a long time he has finally reached his goal. He has become a writer and through his book about God he wants to help people live a happier life.

GOD EXISTS is a philosophy book based on the writers observations throughout the years, from his childhood till now. Peter tries to unveil the mysteries around us in a simple way and each opinion of his is carefully illustrated by examples of everyday life. This book is actually written by a simple man and is addressed to simple people who wish to think about Gods existence.

Do I believe that there is a god? The question is very private for a variety of reasons, the writer says at the introduction of the book. The purpose of this e book is to present my perspective and to explain just some of the reasons why I know, without a doubt, that there is God.


In terms of happiness, I hope that this material will help those people who find themselves stuck at the edge of the fence, choose and get on the right side of the fence, Peter says.

The book is divided into three sections:

The first section explains what the author feels are some very fundamental concepts and is important to the overall understanding of the later parts of the book. The second section addresses his perspectives and outlooks on the various sciences: physics, mathematics, engineering, chemistry, biology, a little astronomy and evolution. The third section consists of the writers answers to what he thinks are common challenges issued be people on whether or not God exists.

GOD EXISTS contains 16 chapters. The first one , Forces of Simplification, deals with a theory about the universe and a force that exists. Peter describes the law of simplification in plain words for the readers to understand.

In summary, no matter what a person may create during their lifetime, no matter how complex the item, the Forces of Simplification will eventually act on that item and reduce it to a simpler and more random form, the author says.

Chapter two is about Possibility and Probability, and Peters theories are supported by events from his childhood, while in chapter three, The Super Labs vs The Primordial Organic Soup , the writer displays the hypothetical challenge of Science vs Nature.

In chapter four, Peters theory is based on physics, and chapter five deals with chemistry.

Biology comes next , where the writer says:

Does Biology have a unifying theory of life, basic laws, or a mathematics of biology that allows a description of the laws and any systematic advancements? Peter tries to analyze that question in depth.

Chapters seven , The Ant and the Universe , is a section where the author recalls certain events from his childhood related to ants and the philosophy of life , while, chapter eight . deals with the Theory of Evolution. Chapter nine hits the point : If There is a God, Why is God Punishing Us All? Read Peters viewpoint and find out.

The tenth chapter , Why Doesnt God just Give me a Sign?, tries to analyze the popular question for people who have doubts about the existence of God, while chapter eleven, A Calculation of Gods Power, answers the question of how powerful God would be.

In chapter twelve, the readers will come to grips with The Ten Commandments :

We need law and order . That is the tough part, the writer says.

Who has The Most Toys Wins is the thirteenth chapter where Peter says:

Yeah Right. It is the old- the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. This is a very distressing situation and collectively we have to start changing some attitudes in people about this.

The following chapter, The Lottery of Life , is about the attraction of gambling and the disastrous results:

The problem is that our soul and this innate sense we feel is beyond all of our regular human senses and any scientific detection methods that may exist. Is this all a part of the sixth sense that we are supposed to have?

Next comes Fate and Faith: The extreme odd couple.

Is it according to Fate or Faith? The choice likely reflects on our mental outlook , how we act or behave, and even how people view us, Peter says.

In the last chapter , Conclusion, the writer gives his answers to the previously mentioned concepts , and finally states:

Please, choose to believe in God. This work has been meant to help and not to hurt. God bless you.


GOD EXISTS is a inspiring e book , simply written and enjoyable to read . The theories of the writer are well supported by examples of daily life. It caters to everybody who wants to research this issue and is meant to help people become happier.

You can visit Peters site at and read the e book . It is free.






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