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Liana Metal
Dream Jobs To Go
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Are you dreaming of a new career?
Read on ...

DREAM JOBS TO GO! Professional Speaker or Trainer

By Rosalind Sedacca, e-book, 2001, 42 pp, Highly Recommended.

Rosalind Sedacca , a Business communication Strategist, Public relations Practitioner, and Marketing Consultant, is also an acclaimed national Speaker, recognized for her presentations on business communication issues. She can be reached at :

DREAM JOBS TO GO is a highly informative mini guide book packed with useful advice and information as well as links and e mail addresses the readers can use if they are online. It consists of 11 mini chapters covering all areas of the public speaking business.

The first chapter, The Dream Jobs To Go e book: What it is and How to Use It, tells readers how to use this e book, while the second one, How to Break In as a Professional Speaker or Trainer, motivates readers , advises and trains them break into this demanding field they have chosen to try:

Weve all heard that people are more afraid of public speaking than of death itself. But thats not the case for you, the writer says.

What Its Like (Really) To Be a Professional Speaker or Trainer is the next chapter, offering insight into the various categories of the profession:

The profession is divided into several categories. Some speakers specialize in only one category- others work in two or more, Rosalind states.

The following section, Meet a Few Professional Speakers, tells readers about how these people got started and pursued a career in this field. The writer interviews Patricia Fripp from California, Lou Heckler from Florida and other professionals whose advice will certainly help readers get started the right way.

Best Ways to Break In , deals with tips and more advice on how to succeed as a speaker:

Beginning speakers often work for free to gain experience, test out new material, and build up a roster of happy clients, the writers says. Further on , more tips follow:

Give your speech a catchy title. Like books, speeches are sold through their titles. Be creative, Rosalind suggests.

Tips from the Pros comes next, where Patricia Fripp, Lou Heckler and a lot of other professionals share their knowledge in this field with the readers , by offering them straightforward and practical tips:

Keep your energy high. Be enthusiastic.

End with a bang.

Practice again and again.

Join an NSA chapter and refine your skills.

Those are only a few of the lot the professionals advise.

There is a Resources section next , where the readers can learn about several organizations and associations related to this issue, such as the National Speakers Association in USA and other, while, the next chapter is about Your Game Plan, where the readers get familiar with a strategy that can get them started in their new professional speaking business.

The Reader Feedback section and a section About the Author follow, and last comes the chapter about More Things to Dream About, where the writer displays email publications for the readers to subscribe to ,as well as programs hosted online.

DREAM JOBS TO GO is a special, practical e book , simple to read and extremely useful. It caters to those who are aspiring public speakers or trainers and would like to start a career in this field.

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Reviewed by Liana Metal

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