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Now We're Cooking!
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A Review of NOW WE'RE COOKING! 43 authors in the kitchen.

By M.D.Benoit.


Do you need some fascinating cooking that will inspire you create marvelous dishes?

Are you curious to try the favorite recipes of 43 authors ? Well, this e book is a funny mix of a variety of dishes that will make you want to try them all. It contains everything you need to have , so give it a try! It's worth the time!

Reviewed by Liana Metal


NOW WE'RE COOKING ! 43 authors in the kitchen.

By M.D.Benoit

E book , 2001, 126 pp, Highly Recommended.

M.D.Benoit is the editor of this inspirational e book that is actually a live link to all 43 contributing authors from all over the world. All contributors are authors in a variety of genre and it is quite interesting to be able to reach each one of them through their web site address that is displayed in the last section of the book.

NOW WE'RE COOKING! 43 authors in the kitchen is a revolutionary cookbook! Some readers may wonder though: What is this cookbook about? Why is it free? And how did it get started? The editor gives all the answers at the introduction of the book which is worth reading before you move to the recipes.

A group of talented authors from all over the world got together over the Internet to share our passion for electronic booksand for food, the writers says. These recipes are the home -cooking family favorites we use every day

The editor urges the readers to contact them:

You can email any of us from our web sites . Wed love to hear from you.

Apart from the conventional Table of Contents , this book has also something innovative: A Table of Contents by genre! So , there is a Childrens section , a Fantasy section and so on. You can use your imagination and search the part you would like to try.

The cookbook consists of 12 cooking sections.

The first one, Appetizers and Salads , deals with the preparation of every day dishes that will boost us with vitamins. You should try the Simple Salad Dressing which is quick , easy and tasty, and the Golden Fruit Salad, which is greatly refreshing and is suitable for summer and not only! Soups , Meat and Seafood follow, packed with delicious recipes while, Eggs and Cheese is a section that will surprise you. Easy to make recipes and absolutely tasty can become one of your favorites. Cheese Potatoes is an easy Irish dish that can satisfactorily fill you up any time.

Vegetables, Sides and Sauces include delicious dishes such as Tomato Tart, a tasty way to use the harvest. Here comes the Desserts section, filled with flavor and passion for the fast and- easy lovers , too.

Cakes and Pies comes next, with Mud Cake, a simple cocoa cake which is not only for the kids , while, Cookies and Squares, and Breads and Rolls offer a variety of interesting foods . Try the Honey Wheat Bread which is unbelievably moist and light.

Confections is next, while Entertaining comes along with Pastry Crunch, an easy recipe for the party of the kids .

At the end of the book there is a table of Common Measure Conversion , the Epilogue and the Web sites of contributors.

NOW WE'RE COOKING! 43 authors in the kitchen is a very informative and entertaining cookbook that appeals to every age , and all levels: from beginners to professionals. It is clearly laid out and the recipes are simple and easy to make. The important thing is that you are not supposed to stick to the rules strictly: you can improvise and alter ingredients, and create your own recipe out of this book. It is a book that can inspire you!


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