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By Gerald Allen Wunsch


Drawings by Irene Joslin


ISBN 1-4107-3699-7  paperback

ISBN  1-4107-3700-4 e book


1st Books Library , Bloomington, Indiana,


Paperback, 110 pp,


Childrens novel, Adventure, Mystery


Very Highly Recommended



Reviewed by Liana Metal


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CURIOSITY is a childrens story set in southern Indiana.  Ginger Wanamaker , a fifth grader, visits her grandparents home in southern Indiana and has a wonderful adventure.  Ginger, her best friend Irene Fong and Laird, a wire fox terrier, make an incredible discovery involving an Underground Railroad right where Gingers grandparents home is!


The story is divided into eight main chapters and a few shorter whispers parts, and it is linked to a lot of educational information at the back of the book .  This is an innovative element that the readers will find very useful as they keep reading the story, as they can get promptly informed about certain places and events that are described in the plot.  The story covers a lot of interesting topics such as Slavery in America, the Underground Railroad, Wire Fox Terriers and other.  It is a great story against slavery and bias.


CURIOSITY is a unique childrens book that caters not only to fifth graders but also to older kids who love solving mysteries.  The story is well written, the style is clear and simple and the plot is engaging.  It is an interesting novel that will entertain not only the very young but the older readers, and, why not, adults.  It is also suitable for those who learn English as a foreign language , so that, I believe that Language Schools could use it at pre intermediate level upwards.


The historical reference in this book, as well as the sites provided, make it appealing to readers who wish to learn more about history.  The structure of the book is highly original and the wonderful illustrations and the photos displayed help to enhance the storyline.  Apart from an entertaining read, this book is a historical document that kids should not miss.  It is definitely worth reading by everyone.




The author of this book, Gerald Wunsch, is a retired lawyer living in southern Indiana with his wife Martha and their wire fox terrier.  CURIOSITY is his first childrens novel.


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