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Liana Metal

Interview with Gabe Kubicheck

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Meet Gabe Kubichek.


Gabe Kubichek talks to Liana Metal about his non fiction book titled: DREAMING OF AMERIKA




How and when did you get started as a writer?

Fate, with any other name like nemesis, kismet or predestination, as we ususally refer to, works misterious way.

One Sunday afternoon late 2002, browsing through the Life section of Salem's Statement Journal newspaper, I saw an ad; "The local writer's group WYTT (Write Yesterday Today and Tomorrow) will meet every Thursday at the usual time in the Plaza Room." I decided to attend one meeting, I might like it. There were about a dozen folks, mostly about my age. I introduced myself, "My name is Gabe Kubichek and I am a wannabe." Every one in the room start laughing, finally one lady said; "We are all wannabes, welcome to the group." She turned out to be the leader of the group, she told me her name, Gladys, she also introduced me to the rest of the folks. She explained what they are doing, what they write about. Well, I figured, it shouldn't be too difficult, I think I can do that. Most of the stories were short and were about their lifes. My first short story was about one incident when I was five years old and I almost lost my life. My oldest brother saved me for falling face down from the tree into a sharp, pointed picket fence fifteen feet bellow. My brother was below me and he grabbed my shirt just in time. The group liked my story, right than I decided to write a book about my life. Well, that's how it happened. There was a discussion about the book's title. We put it to a vote, and 98% of the group agreed, it should be spelled with the "K" and not with the "C" the story being originated in Europe, So, the book's title read; "Dreaming of Amerika."

How do you usually find your ideas?

"Dreaming of Amerika" was easy, however I am working on my second book. Throughout my life, I heard many life stories from different part of the world, from different people. I found them particularly fascinating, and I am sure other folks will do the same.


Did you ever get any rejections?

I got loads of rejections, most of the new wannabes gets them.

If yes, how did you react to them?

 I subscribe to the "Writer's Digest" and I usually read it from the first page to the last. Often there are articles about getting rejections and how to face them. I am a fast learner.

Tell us about your book.

It is an autobiography. The reason for the book is twofold. Before I can read, back in Hungary, I learned about a faraway country called; America, my older brothers, all three of them read lots of western books. I was negging them to tell me about America, right then I decided, I want to go to America. I never gave up.

What inspired you to write it?

 I mentioned the first reason, the second reason is to correct the history of one day of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. The day was October 25, 1956. All the history books I read about the revolution and the massacre at the Parliament Square in Budapest, only specualating. There were three of us, two of them died the same day, I am the only one that survived, and I am ready to tell the world how and why the massacre happened.

How long did it take you to write it?

It took me over a year to finish the book. My final manuscript ended up four hundred and thirty-two pages.


Has the Internet helped you in your writing career?

I always wonder, what would we done without it? Today we take it for granted, how quickly we forget the "snail mail?"


When I finished my book, I knew I needed a very good editor, "Writer's Digest" got lots of editing services ads, and most of them have their email address. So I started out; "Dear Mr. or Ms., my name is Gabe G. Kubichek, I speak and I write with an accent etc., etc." It took me a long time but I found the editor I was comfortable with.  

When you wrote the book , how long did it take you to find a publisher?

 Every new author hoping to find a traditional publisher, to get their book published. However, they are getting fewer and fewer. The POD publishing is taking over. I tried the traditional way, but without any luck. So back to the internet. I found a fascinating website,, one can find most of the POD publishers there.

Did you have an agent?

 Yes, for a while. He was very interested in my book, however by the time the book was edited and proofread, he told me he couldn't take me on.

Why did you write a non fiction book of this kind?

Actually I was influenced by my writers group. They all wrote about their lifes, no one get anything published though. They are waiting for my book to be out on the shelves. They are all very excited for me, and I do appreciate their enthusiasm.

How does it feel to have your book published?

 I am very excited about it, I just hope it will look as I designed it. My publisher gave me the choice. Their design or mine. I insisted on my design. It has great colors that stands out.

Are you going to promote your book on your own?

 My publisher, Llumina Press will list the book with Ingram, Baker and Taylor, and I am planning several book signing parties, one in Stayton where my wife and I residing. I am donating 10% of the proceed to the restoration of the 1900 Brown's resident.

What do you advise new writers to do?

 Never give up. Don't never get discouraged. Try to find a similar group like I belong to. Try to write every day, even it is only for a short time, but write.

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