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Liana Metal
Dreaming of Amerika
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Fleeing from Communist Hungary,childhood dream becomes a reality

Gabe G. Kubichek

ISBN HC 1-59526-274-1, Llumina Press, PO Box 772246, Coral Springs, FL 33077-2246 ,2004,

pp.320, Hardcover, $26.95, Very Highly Recommended



Narrative Non fiction



Reviewed by Liana Metal


Gabe Kubichek tells his true story about his childhood dream to go to America. His life story starts in 1933 in Hungary and ends now, in America.  More about Gabe’s dream at


DREAMING OF AMERIKA , Gabe’s first book , is set both in Hungary and America.  Gabe grows up in Hungary during the years of the Depression, World War 2 and the Russian occupation, but his dream is to flee to freedom.  After the failed Revolution of 1956, he flees to Canada and becomes an American citizen in 1970.


The book is divided into 19 chapters , all of which include historic events combined with the author’s memoirs of the different periods of time he describes in detail.  It is a well-constructed story of excellent quality whose high authenticity of facts makes it an interesting and enjoyable read.  The content originality is enriched by the historic references and the photographs  the author presents throughout his book.  The style of presenting the story is highly appealing ,yet simple and clear at the same time, showing that Gabe is able to achieve his goal, that is, to inform readers about the turbulent events he witnessed and entertain them as well.


It caters to all adult non fiction lovers, especially those who are keen on history or/and memoirs from people who managed to fulfill their dream fighting against odds. However, the target audience may be wider: This book will also appeal to the female readership who enjoy reading love stories, as this story is packed with Gabe’s love affairs and it is interesting to see a man’s perspective on this issue.  There is also  a tint of  the 007 spy character that adds mystery and action to the whole story and makes it more interesting.


DREAMING OF AMERIKA  is undoubtedly a good story that has also got historic value and will satisfy the demanding reader.  This book is available from Llumina Press, Ingram, and Baker &Taylor.  Toll Free Orders Line: 1-866-229-9244,



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