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Liana Metal
Book Marketing from A-Z
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300+ authors share their best strategies

By Francine Silverman

Infinity Publishing, 1094 New Dehaven Street, Suite 100, West Conshohocken, PA 19428-2713, , ISBN:  0-7414-2431-2 ,

2005, p.400, Paperback, US $18.95,

Very Highly Recommended



Reviewed by Liana Metal


Francine Silverman, a former newspaper reporter and freelance writer, has also authored Catskills Alive and Long Island Alive.  Book Marketing From A-Z was written to assist fellow writers market their book through the experiences of others.


The book is divided into numerous short chapters, all of which are full of tips and best expert advice on how to promote your book.  The Internet section is exceptionally interesting, as it is a very popular way of book promoting and caters to a wider audience.  All eight subsections are packed with invaluable information no serious writer can ignore.


Moreover, the information on Special sections, such as Ghost Writing, Resume Writing and Web Designing are very useful and highly interesting for all writers. The originality of this book lies in the fact that all sections are represented by a variety of writers who tell themselves how they promoted their book and the results of their attempts.   Each entry is enriched by web links the readers can access and, thus, search the sites of their preference.


BOOK MARKETING From A-Z saves the writer precious time , as it is really a concise  guide to Book Marketing , easy to search and unique in its kind.  The information included is undoubtedly invaluable to writers, as is it first-hand advice from over 300 authors and publicists.  There is reference to all genres in the table of contents at the beginning of the book, so as to facilitate searching.  It is an original book that is not only practical, but encouraging as well; a book that deserves to be read cover-to-cover!


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